10 Ways to Improve Your Body Image

10 Ways to Improve Your Body Image

One of the biggest contributing factors to the development of eating disorders is having a poor body image. Additionally, a negative body image can contribute to those who are in recovery from eating disorders to relapse and return to old eating behaviors. That’s why it is important to work on improving your body image if you suffer from an eating disorder. Developing a healthier way of looking at yourself and your body can help you establish new thought patterns and help you feel better about who you are and the body that you have.

Here are ten tips to help you improve your body image:

Appreciate what your body can do

Your body can do amazing things – dance, run, breathe, laugh, and dream, just to name a few. Embrace those things and celebrate what a healthy body can do. Each day that you remain healthy moves you closer to the accomplishments and dreams that you have for yourself.

Remember that you are a whole person

It’s easy to see only your flaws when you are focused on only your outward appearance – especially for those who suffer from eating disorders. When you are able to look at yourself as a whole person, you will be better able to see the unique and beautiful individual that you are.

List your positive attributes

Write a list of at least ten things that you like about yourself, being careful not to include things that are related to your weight or physical characteristic. Read the list often and add to it when you discover new things that you like about yourself.

Hang out with positive people

A great support system is essential for eating disorder recovery. Try to surround yourself with positive people – that will make it much easier to feel good about yourself and who you are.

Remember that true beauty has depth

You know the saying, “beauty is not skin deep.” It may sound like a silly platitude, but it is true. You are much more than your physical appearance, and your beauty is made up of far more than just what you look like. As you develop a more positive self-image, you will find that you have more confidence, self-acceptance, and open-mindedness, and that will make you feel more beautiful no matter what you think about your physical appearance.

Pay attention to your self-talk

The things that you tell yourself about your body have a huge effect on your overall body image. When you hear those voices in your head telling you that your body is not right or that you are a bad person because of how you look, you need to shut them down. You can replace negative thoughts with positive ones, though it takes practice. Next time you start to hear your inner voice saying negative things, actively replace those thoughts with positive ones.  Eventually, it will be easier and become a positive habit.

Be critical of media messages

What you see in the media and on your social media pages isn’t always supportive of a positive body image. Notice which images, advertisements, posts, and attitudes affect you negatively and then refute them using tip #6.

Wear clothes that are comfortable

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important that you choose clothing that makes you feel comfortable and good about your body. When you wear clothes that are too tight, too baggy, or ill-fitting, it’s more likely to make you think about your body negatively.

Practice self-care

Doing things that take care of yourself lets your body know that you appreciate it. Find something to do each day that makes you feel good – a bubble bath, a long nap, meditation, or spending time outdoors, are just a few things to try.

Help others who need it

Use the energy and time that you might have spent fretting about your weight, calories, and food by doing something to help others. When you can reach out to others who are going through the same things you are and help them along the way, you will find that it helps you too.

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